Bodrum was once well known as the site of the Mausoleum of Mausolus, one of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World. Although the Mausoleum is long gone, tourists now flock to the coastal city to explore Bodrum Castle and the many other sites that tell the rich history of the region.

Many then board a traditional Turkish gulet with Sail Bodrum Turkey to explore the surrounding peninsula and nearby Greek islands. This is the perfect way to take in the beauty that these two Mediterranean countries have to offer, with plenty of opportunity to wander cobblestone streets lined with whitewashed homes, enjoy the surrounding natural beauty, and spend relaxing evenings under the stars.

The Islands
Kos, Symi, and Rhodes, to name a few, are the island highlights of this 8 day cruise. Moreover, there is no problem sailing between Turkey and Greece. Locally relations are very good and your captain will merely raise a Greek flag as he enters Greek waters. When you Sail Turkey waters the Turkish flag will always be on display.

The entry to Kos is impressive. There is a 14th Century fortress that dominates the harbour skyline. It was built by the Knights Hospitaller who also occupied Rhodes, the largest of the Deodecanese Islands further south and east of Kos. It is a long and narrow island with a population, excluding tourists of just over 30,000. The stunning beaches and exciting nightlife will draw you in and make you wish you could stay.

Symi is a quieter island known for its mountainous landscape and beautifully colored homes that line the harbor. Be sure to take in this view as you approach the harbor aboard your gulet. The harbor town provides the perfect opportunity to wander the streets and enjoy the local cafes.

As the largest of the Deodecanese islands, you will find plenty to do on Rhodes. The gulets depart early in the morning from Symi, allowing enough time to explore all that Rhodes has to offer. Day tours, local restaurants and shops, and many historical sights will fill your day and the nightlife is varied, suiting the interests of those looking to dance the night away or others who might be happier to enjoy a cold beer at a quiet outdoor bar.

The Bodrum Peninsula
The final days on the cruise will bring you back to the Turkish coast where you will make stops at Datca, Kargi Bay, Black Island, and Poyraz Bay, all notable for the stunning Turquoise waters that make this part of Turkey so famous. These days along the coast provide ample time for swimming and sunbathing with stops to explore the historical sights of Datca, the Inceburun lighthouse, and the Knidos ruins, to name a few. If you missed the opportunity to discover Bodrum before your cruise, you will have the opportunity to do so upon your return into Bodrum harbor on the final day.

If you have ever felt torn, trying to decide which of these neighboring countries to visit on your holiday, look no further. This experience is the perfect way to spend a luxurious week immersed in the history and natural beauty of both Greece and Turkey.

posts by Murat Ned Danisan