Fethiye is another coastal town that’s popular with tourists for its temperate climate and for the remains of the Lycian city of Telmessos. Telmessos was the most important Lycian city and an old legend explains the naming of the city as follows:

The god Apollo falls in love with the youngest daughter of the King of Phoenicia, Agenor. He disguises himself as a small dog and thus gains the love of the shy, withdrawn daughter. After he reappears as a handsome man, they have a son, whom they name ‘Telmessos’ (the land of lights).

Most notable Lycian tomb in Fethiye, dated to the 4th century BC, dedicated to Amynthas, who is believed to be a king or governor of Telmessos during the Hellenistic period.

Additional smaller tombs are dotted throughout the landscape. Fethiye has grown around the ruins of Telmessos. These tombs happened to be in the yard of some local residents who were very happy to have us take a look around.

Ancient amphitheatre of Telmessos.

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