After Bursa, we get to Ankara. Although the intention was to pass through, my sister has a close friend currently there, so instead, we visit and spend the night.

The main attraction of Ankara, the tomb of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, commander during WWI, the founder of the Republic of Turkey and its first president. The guy is a national hero and on major holidays, the tomb is filled with Turks coming to pay their respects.

Much pomp and ceremony goes into the changing of the guard, you can see and hear them quite some distance away.

The Ataturk museum is located underneath the main square and gives a detailed outline of the history of the man, of the founding of Turkey and of WWI.

Though Ankara was intended as a planned city, a lot of people built their homes illegally and now face losing them to construction.

In other places, people have done their own home extensions.

Originally written for Moka

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