A 5 hour slightly cramped bus trip was rewarded with a gorgeous little coast town called Fethiye. The coast was beautiful, as were the surrounding mountains. The morning after arriving, half of us set off at 8am for a solid day hike up into the mountains taking us up into the ruins of an ancient abandoned Greek city and down into the deliciously inviting sea. The scenery was magnificent!

It felt exhilarating to be hiking in such wonderful landscape. We had incredible views of the Mediterranean sea from mountain tops – looking down into the deep turquoise, textural sea splashing against the cliffs and sparkling in the sun. The mountains descended sharply right into the sea, and we winded our way down with this constant breath-taking view heading towards an inviting green-blue lagoon and beach. We arrived famished, hot but exhilarated, ready to rest our weary legs and eat something substantial. After lunch and a taste of Turkish beer, a few headed down to swim in the pebble-beach. I followed down, regretting that I’d rather stupidly forgotten to bring my swimmers. Rolling up my pants, I waded in to my knees watching the others enjoying the blissful warm and totally clear water. I couldn’t resist, and with little encouragement from my fellow travellers, I jumped in fully-clothed. There was no way I was going to be so close to the Mediterranean, and never get in it! Deliciously warm and very boyant because of the salt, I felt revitalized after the long hike!

Thankfully I’d worn ‘quick-drying’ clothes, so they were semi-dry by the time we caught the bus home.

Originally written for Intriguing Abstractions and Curious Diversions

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