I was in Turkey

Merhaba, benim adım Onur.

I’m a Turkish-American programmer and a Fenerbahce fan from Izmir, Turkey. Moved to Istanbul for college. And moved to New York while I was following an Irish-American girl whom I met in Kackar Mountains in Turkey. Because of my personal and professional life style, I have the privilege to travel and also meet people.

In 2005, "I was in Turkey" was born as my personal project to introduce Turkey and also to enjoy our cultural differences as a Turkish and a human being. Back then, not so many people knew anything about Turkey. So it was created as a travel guide. After almost 15 years later, I wanted re-start it as an introduction of Turkey instead of a guide.

In 2023, it is time to leave. "I was in Turkey" is a registered trademark in Turkey till 2029. As a business that was the direction I was hoping to go. To sell touristic souveniers. After all those years, I haven't managed to sell a single item but I think I did good overall.

Now, iwasinturkey.com is for SALE. Please reach me at +1 917 902 8449 if you are interested.

Me, personally, i know the days where people try to hide white font on white background. i remember the days where craigslist was still profitable to spam. i did crack the algorithm of google's adwords/adsense by buying cheap ads selling more expensive ads. if you don't understand this that's ok i've seen that one before too. i also climbed mountains and raft in the wild. trained to fight bears with my cat. ran a beautiful company. left a beautiful company. all still friends. except a few. hey, nothing is perfect. yet, everything is perfect.

It is time for me to go on my own journey now - instagram.com/thesearewild

Onur Kocatas