Alanya is a large city in Antalya located on the coast. Scandinavians are drawn to the spectacular sandy beaches with the Taurus Mountains in the background. It is a beautiful vacation area filled with modern hotels, numerous restaurants, cafes and bars.

Scandinavians are fascinated by the natural beauty and history that Alanya has to offer. Scandinavians love to visit the Cleopatra Beach, the most famous beach of Alanya . It is named after the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra. Cleopatra used to visit this beach on her journeys to the Mediterranean. It is said that she was so captivated by the beauty of the beach that Cleopatra would go for a swim ever time she had a chance. The Dim Cay River is one of the most popular places where Scandanavians love to relax and have a picnic. There are numerous restaurants and attractions along the river.
Another attraction is the Dim Cave, it is a limestone cave with stalactite and stalagmite formations in the Taurus mountains. Scandanvains are drawn to the Alanya Sapadere Canyon. This Canyon was created by water, ice and wind erosion. The scenery is magnificent with its beautiful waterfalls, various plants and animals, especially the birds and butterflies. Scandinavians are also intrigued by the history that Alanya has to offer. The Alanya Castle is one place the Scandinavians love to visit. It is a medieval castle in the southern Turkish city of Alanya. Today the building is an open –air museum.

Scandinavians are discovering great real estate opportunities in Alanya. The prices are reasonable and the scenery attracts many Scandinavians to buy a villa in Alanya. Scandinavians see investment potential and the lifestyle very attractive.

Alanya has become the most desirable destination for Scandinavians.  Many Scandinavians who take vacations to Alanya end up investing in real estate. The climate, the beaches, nature, history, the culture, cuisine, and reasonable real estate prices are only a few of the reasons why Scandinavians a drawn to Alanya.