Buying property in Turkey is extremely attractive to foreign investors. It is a land filled with beauty and history. Foreign investors need to be aware of some of the dangers and risks in pursing real estate in Turkey. Here are a few tips to help ensure a smooth and solid transaction.

The first thing a buyer needs to do before purchasing any property in Turkey is to research the company you are dealing with. There are many simple things you can do to research a company. One easy way to research a company is to check out the website, how does it appear. Is it a website that offers all the information you are looking for? Does it look professional? Find all the contact information for the company and use it. Call the office, make sure you receive the professional response you are expecting. Make sure there is someone in the office can speak your native language so that all communication is comprehensive.

After selecting a real estate agent in Turkey, make arrangements to see the property. It is important to visit the property you are interested in. It is never a good idea to buy real estate site unseen. Plan a trip to Turkey. Foreigners often choose property by price; this could be risky. There are usually reasons why specific opportunities are cheaper than others. Research the property and find out why.

Ask the agent for help in making travel arrangements to Turkey and ask for an agent discount. Remember you are the client so you should expect some assistance.

A common mistake that many foreign investors make is to get involved with too many real estate agents. This can cause confusion and become costly. Research your agents and chose the best one for you.

Finding an Independent lawyers is essential. This way you will have someone dedicate to your personal interests. There are many issues that come about especially if you choose an inexperienced agent. Issues with the deed can come about; having an experience lawyer can help you overcome these problems. Also, lawyers can help you with inheritance rules. Rules in Turkey regarding inheritance may differ from those in your native country.

Foreigners also need to aware that they need to get military clearance before buying property in Turkey. The property needs to be approved by the military to make sure it is not a military base. This can be done locally and the title deed can be approved between 2 to 4 weeks.