Building your own property in TurkeyThe last few years has seen an uptrend in many golf lovers either retiring to live out their days in the sun in Turkey or simply moving to Turkey as expats to experience the quality in golf on offer in Turkey.

The number of golf courses in Turkey has steadily increased as a result of the popularity of golf in Turkey in recent times. However, where is the best place to go to in Turkey in regards to buying a Turkey golf property?

Although several areas on Mediterranean and Aegean coasts have golfing aspirations and will try to sell you on the idea of golf in Turkey, the truth is that the only viable golf region in Turkey is Belek, Antalya.  
As of today, there are 17 Championship quality golf courses in Belek and around half a dozen property projects that border these golf courses, many agents will try to fool you on the idea of your property being on a golf course – this is not true. In Turkey, golf courses are leased from the government, this means that the land they are built on is for such land and is usually classified as ‘green-field’ and construction of property is not allowed. There are a few exceptions to the rule; however you will find with most exceptions that they can only provide leasehold titles of around 20 years, to a maximum of 40 years. If you are going to buy a property where you could lose the leasehold title after 20 years, there is not much point to this, plus the prices of these properties are usually in the millions. Why risk potentially millions in an investment that might not even belong to you after 20-40 years.

The real projects advised for people looking at golf property in Turkey are the projects that are located close to the golf courses. These properties are so close that literally a fence separates them from the golf courses. These projects are all completed as of today and ready to move in. In Belek, prices start from around the £70,000 mark for 2 bedroom apartments and you can find 3-4 bedroom villas from around £250,000. So you pay a lot less for your golf property in Turkey and also have the security of knowing the leasehold won’t be taken away from you within 20-40 years, plus, you are literally a five minute walk away from the golf courses anyway.

With golf in Turkey proving to be so popular, it is essential that before you commit to a project that you need to do your research. You need to have a good inside knowledge to the various golf regions along the Turkish coastline, choose your ideal region, and then focus on the real estate side of things. But with 17 Championship quality golf courses available, Belek is by far the outstanding candidate for golf in Turkey – you won’t ever get bored with the courses available in Belek.

Written by Ricky Carbis, specialist in property in Turkey.