Building your own property in TurkeyIt is becoming increasingly popular for people to design and build their own property in Turkey, in a location of their choice. For this, there is obviously the need to source and purchase the land.

This is strongly dependant on the budget available. The beach front locations, along with hillside plots offering commanding views reach the high prices. Moving further inland, and to a rural location, the plots can be cheaper. After listening to your requirements, a good agent will know the available plots that will be suitable for you, and will have connections to the land owner (s). This can sometimes be a single person, or as is common in Turkey, a number of family members as land is passed down through the generations.

In Turkey, the usual method for purchase is cash. An agreed price needs to be determined and an appraisal necessary. If you cannot agree, or do not have a specialist land agent, it is recommended that you use the services of an independant specialist, to agree a fair price for both parties.
What to look for.

Before purchasing, or making a commitment to buy, it is necessary to check with the local authorities to confirm that the land can be developed, and if so, you will get planning permission for the style of property you wish to build.

Utilities will be an important factor. Is there in place, or is it easy to install the electricity and mains water systems. If not,this can be a costly expense and is worth a check with both the local municipality and the utility provider. In the more remote locations, the land is not with water rights, which means it is not permissable to dig a well. Telephone is also another consideration, but is easier and cheaper than the utilities.

Yes, there are some horror stories, and is the case all over the world, but if you carry out the necessary checks, with the right authorities, and using only established and certified agents,builders etc, there is no reason why your dream home on paper, cannot be a dream home to live in. Your design and style at an affordable budget.