Where to buy a property in Turkey?For anyone having an interest in buying a property in Turkey, the question “Where to buy a property in Turkey?” is naturally to decide where to actually buy it. If you have been to a certain location and have a pre-defined idea, the decision is easier to take, however if you dont have a precise opinion on your favorite destination in Turkey, than its worth having a look at this article.

With the new government in place in early 2000’s, Turkey changed some of its laws regarding its property ownership laws, making it easier for overseas property buyers to own a property in Turkey. This naturally attracted overseas property buyers from all over the world, and mainly from western Europe, interested in owning a property under the sun for a price considerably more affordable than other popular locations such as Spain or France.

With over 2000 Km of coast to the sea, ideal weather, beautiful nature, warm hospitality, Turkey became quickly a popular location in the overseas property world.

Turkey may be separated in 3 different location from an overseas property perspective;

  • The first location would be Istanbul, the largest city and the financial capital of Turkey. Recently ranked of top of the list of the most dynamic cities in the world by Brookings Institutions, Istanbul quickly became an unavoidable location where to buy a property for investment purposes.
  • The second location would be the Aegean Coast of Turkey, home to popular holiday locations such as Bodrum, Altinkum and Fethiye.  What differentiate the Aegean Coast from its sister the Meditteranean Coast, would be the beautifully dense nature, small bays, warm summers and mild winter.
  • The third and last popular overseas property location in Turkey, is naturally the Mediterranean coast, with its main city Antalya, commonly known as the touristic capital of Turkey. Easily accessible all year round (thanks to Antalya International Airport, second busiest airport in Turkey, and no:1 during the summer season), the Mediterranean coast is also home to popular locations such as Belek, Golf capital of Turkey, Alanya and Side.

This three locations in mind, a small research about each of them will give you an approximate idea, and surely help you to find out which of them is your ideal destination where to buy your property in Turkey.