1- Smoking is allowed almost anywhere except some parts of the planes, trains, buses and some cars. Airports have smoking sections. And most airports have bars conveniently close to the smoking sections.
2- Toilets, public toilets, are available in almost every neighborhood. Some might charge 2 Lira per visit. Every mosque has public facilities too. (be respectful to other people. be quite.) Tea houses (Kahvehane) will also let you use their facilities. (No tea drinking necessary.)
3- Drinking. Pubs (birahane) are also available in almost every neighborhood. They tend to start serving in the afternoon though. Daytime drinking is not considered normal. But there are reqions in the southwest where the coolest part of the day is the earliest. Or just find a shade.
4- Food. Start with sandwhiches. Food is also available almost in every corner. Little convenient stands (bufe), usually next to the bus stops, sell magazines, candy and drinks. And most of them also make hot sandwiches. Once you master what is in your bread then you can climb up the food leader for endless tasting journey.
5- Women. Just say “Merhaba, benim adim Onur (use your own name here)”. Be respectful and don’t be stupid.
6- Kids. You don’t need to bring your own. There are plenty of kids playing, screaming, running on the streets along the cats and dogs. All friendly, some might bite though.
7- Sleep. More than enough room for everybody.

FYI, since Thomas Cook bankrupt as of today, there will be less English people.

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