Just a quick recap……………….

Part 1 of this saga dealt with the subject of how I found myself in this fascinating country. Travelling from Greece in 1984 and sleeping in Ephesus ancient city, sights, sounds, smells and people.

Part 2 leads from 1984 into a further trip where I made a remarkable  mysterious discovery of a possible past-life.

Now here we are again…………

After my third or fourth trip to Turkey I had decided it was the place for me. i simply could not get enough of it. At this time in my life there had been several dramatic upheavals. I had lost a close family member, I left my safe secure government job and started a camping tour company in Australia (doomed to disaster after Paul Keating’s famous words “We are having the recession we are supposed to have”) but one thing that kept me going were my travel memories and Turkey in particular. I decided and not sure where the idea emerged from to open a bar in Turkey! Don’t ask me why, I just felt that it was something I needed and wanted to do. Turkey was still a cheap destination then and fairly open to new ideas. I wanted to share my enthusiasm and love for Turkey with everyone.

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