If Paris, New York, London and Milan are the main cities of fashion industry, Istanbul might be the next most popular city of fashion world. After being the culture capital in 2010, the city is ready to shine as the next fashion capital. Although Turkey is more involved in manufacturing, events like fashion weeks help to raise the country’s global profile in the industry.

In the past days, the fourth Istanbul Fashion Week 2011 organized by ITKIB organization (Istanbul Textile and Apparel Exporters’ Associations), Fashion Designers Association (MTD), the United Brands Association (UBA) and the Istanbul Fashion Academy ( IMA) presented the latest developments of fashion in Turkey. Local brands represent themselves with their ready-to-wear outfits in these kind of fashion events and fairs but more importantly the street fashion of Istanbul speaks out for itself if you visit this city.

Most of the Turkish designers are inspired by the street fashion of Istanbul as well as the rich history of this beautiful city. Like the geographical position of the city, the fashion concept is a reflection of east meets west. Istanbul’s metropolitan life style with chaos makes the city’s fashion standing against the rules. For example this city of seven hills with not so straight sidewalks, does not allow you to wear high heels. Therefore most of the women prefer platform shoes if they like the high concept. The distances between the venues are far and it’s not an easy task to change your clothes during the day or according to the occasion. And that’s why most of the clothes have all-day long concept which you can wear to work as well as to an occasion at night. Among the discomfort of metropolitan city style with traffic, noise and crowd, the comfort of the clothes have high importance. Local people prefer comfortable clothes and shoes but with style. In the recent years, there are so many vintage stores are openned in the city which also a sign of city’s contrast style. Istanbul is a city of old versus new, so is the fashion.

As a world city, Istanbul also hosts many world-famous brands. It has a great energy, like New York or London. With its historical sites, sea views and all, Istanbul stands out as a beautiful city. And this city’s fashion week may only be four years old, but Istanbul’s fashion keeps inspiring designers as well as creates a huge interest for fashion lovers. The fresh and new energy of fashion events in the city also creates appetite for young fashion deisgners. Comparing to Paris, New York, London and Milan, there may be less designers but Istanbul’s fashion seems very promising for the near future. Turkey with being a world frontrunner in textile export, will have more to say in creating fashion, too. As a matter of fact, it’s happening now; in Istanbul.

posts by Umut