I’m a Turkish-American programmer and a Fenerbahce fan from Izmir, Turkey. Moved to Istanbul for college. And moved to New York while I was following an Irish-American girl whom I met in Kackar Mountains in Turkey. Because of my personal and professional life style, I have the privilege to travel and also meet people.

In 2005, “I was in Turkey” was born as my personal project to introduce Turkey and also to enjoy our cultural differences as a Turkish and a human being. Back then, not so many people knew anything about Turkey. So it was created as a travel guide. After almost 15 years later, I wanted re-start it as an introduction of Turkey instead of a guide.

Here is what we have done so far;

Merhaba Videos

Merhaba Videos

First video was on August 2018

Updated website

New website

Its’ design and functionalty are updated. Guide sections are removed



Vinyl stickers were made for cell phones, laptops and cars

Hand-made hats

Hand-made hats

They are being made all around Turkey. Hopefully they will be ready by the end of April 2019



Started a fundraising campaign by selling t-shirts

embroidery stickers

Embroidery Stickers

For hats

I hope you will enjoy the site and share your Turkish experiences.