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Born in Melbourne Australia a long long time ago I knew from an early age that I was fascinated by travel. Always wondering what was over the next hill. Began travelling in my early teens and eventually came to Turkey in 1984. After several years of travelling and working in the travel industry I found myself the regional manager in South East Asia for a UK based adventure travel company. For 9 years Bangkok was our home until Tui Travel the unstoppable Mongol Horde of the travel industry stripped our nice company of its assets in an attempt to destroy all competition on the 'Adventure Travel' market. Personally hope they all rot in hell!

Now once again living in Istanbul with my wife and daughter and extended family all of whom I love dearly. I work for Fez Travel an exciting adventure travel company that personifies everything that I feel about living, working and adventuring in Turkey

I hope you enjoy my written scribbles of my times in Turkey. Watch this space for the upcoming instalments of "Life and Times of a Modern Day Orientalist" Next instalments will deal with,

"Why Not Open a Bar in Goreme?"

"Crazy Australians in Search of Noah's Ark"

"Tour Leading, the perfect job for The Orientalist"

"So, you want to Buy and Restore a House in Cappadocia?"

"Characters I've Met, a local kaliedescope of Intellectuals, Artists, Political Prisoners and just plain Nutcases"

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